Bike lithium grease

Bike lithium grease LG111  

Multi-purpose bike lithium grease with special additives, offers high pressure load resistance and good response at high tempertatures guaranteeing strong water repellent characteristics, corrosion and wear resistance.

• LG111 offers excellent results for bicycle’s mechanism action parts which need protection from atmospheric agents or for periodical lubrication.

• LG111 is suggested for bearings, hubs, headsets, bottom brackets or during assemblage. Consistency: NLGI 2. Temperature Range: -20°C until + 180°C.

cod. 20005 LG111 150 g.
cod. 20006 LG111 500 g.

This product is ECO FRIENDLY obtained from non-petroleum based renewable raw materials.

LG 111 • 500 gr

Grasso multifunzionale per bicicletta Lithium Grease LG-111