Bike oil lubricant KRYTOX

Bike oil lubricant KRYTOX 100%  

Bike oil lubricant KRYTOX 100% SB-10 is a KRYTOX® base lubricant developed in the DUPONT laboratories. This oil has the lowest friction coefficient among all lubricants already known on the market.

Bike oil lubricant SB-10 is extremely fluid and penetrates quickly into the chain parts, deraileurs, gears, cables, break joints, and ball bearings penetrating even the protection.

  • As a chain lubricant this product is ideal for extremely fast road and track racing. Applied to bearings, joints, and forks this product offers perfect lubrication and repels dirt.
  • Apply a small amount of product to
    clean dry parts.

cod. 20004 KRYTOX LUBRICANT 15 g.